COVID-19 Update

At this uncertain time Manchester hotels are very much open for business. Employees within the industry are are trained to operate safely and hygienically and are following every health and safety procedure to ensure that the highest possible hygiene standards are maintained. All MHA members are taking measure to abide by current government guidelines, ensuring that all our guests can feel confident and safe. Measures include:
  1. All Hotels in the city operating with the latest Covid-19 operating guidelines providing by the Government
  2. Hotels endorsing the 1 metre plus social distancing in all properties
  3. All Hotels abiding to the cleaning and sanitisation procedures advised by the Government
  4. Risk assessments completed and available in Hotel properties
  5. All Hotels have staff wearing facemasks in line with Government regulations
  6. Manchester currently in tier two and Hotel abiding to the rule of six and ensuring only one household can meet
The MHA would collectively like to thank you for your continued support of Manchester and its hotel industry.

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